Agee Family History


         As of 2015 and we had only been able to trace our Agee ancestry back three generations prior to William James, John Littleton, Vernella, Mary Eliza, Florence, Louise, Sam Henry, Annie Jane, Jordan, Frank Adolph.  The main reason for the lack of public records on our Agee ancestors is that they were probably enslaved, and were only recorded by their slaveholders by their first names, if that. 


       The first mention of our great, great, great (for my generation) grandparents John “Jack” Agee, born 1824/1825 and Miranda “Renda” Agee, born 1830/31, was in the 1870 Census.  They lived in Cumberland County, Virginia.  They were married, however, we have been unable to determine the date of their marriage and we do not know Grandma Miranda's maiden name.


By 1870 John and Marinda (just one spelling of her name) had five children.


1870 Census, Household ID 269, line number 29, M593 (National Archives)

Our Agee Line begins here:


John Agee              M         45      Virginia

Marinda Agee       F          40      Virginia


Children (As of 1870 census)


Eliza Agee                              F               20

Minerva Agee                        F                16

Mary (Miriah) Agee              F                14

Lee Agee                                M               10

Eddy (Eddie) Agee               M                 7

Anthony Agee                       (not born)


        As best we can tell, the Agee families were concentrated primarily in Buckingham, Cumberland, and Manakin-Sabot (Goochland), Virginia.  According to the Census, Grandpa Jack and Grandma Marinda were neighbors of the Mayo family.  In order to flesh out this very important part of the Agee-Miller-Mayo-Dungy lineage, we are going to have to spend time in the Courthouses in Buckingham, Cumberland, and Goochland, Virginia.


In August 2015, a record of Samuel Agee in the 1850 Census, Cumberland County, Virginia under SLAVE SCHEDULE. 

Samuel Agee, 19  (which means he was born around 1831).   He is listed as Mulatto.  Could he be Grandpa’s older brother?  Now this one would require a trip to National Archives to see the Slave Schedules…I (Muriel) didn’t know they existed!!!