Miller and Agee Family History


          Eliza "Liza" Jane Agee was born between, circa 1844 to 1852. Paulus Miller, a white man, fathered her 2 oldest children, John William Miller and James Marion Miller. Another white man named Garrett fathered Anna.  Minerva was the only one of grandma Liza's children that was fathered by a black man.  Several legends have circulated as to why grandma Liza gave her children their white fathers' surnames. One legend is that grandma thought the Agee's were too quarlesome and the other is that she was just bold enough to give her children their white fathers' names.  Grandma Liza married for the first time at about age 60 when she married Burley Mayo on February 4, 1912 in a ceremony performed by Rev. J.W. Jordan in Cumberland County, Virginia.  On their marriage license, Burley Mayo's parents are listed as Albert Mayo and Ceily Reed.  Her eldest son, John William Miller, was 38 years old when his mother, grandma Liza, married for the first time.


John William Miller (c 1871 - November 22, 1949)

     ~married Susan Ann Miller (Mayo) (b December 24, 1892)

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Children of John William and Susan (Mayo) Miller


 1.  William James Miller (c 1893 - May 31, 1970)  (Family Line Coming Soon)

     ~married December 24, 1921: Ametria "Metra" Harris [born c 1883]


 2.  Florence Miller (Florence never married.  She was engaged but died before the wedding. She went for a ride on a rainy night and caught a bad cold from which she never recovered.  She apparently got pneumonia.)


3.  John Littleton Miller (October 10, 1898 - December 19, 1963)  

    ~married January 16, 1918: Ellen Hellen Annie Washington [November 27, 1897 - May 1983] 


4.  Louise Miller (born c 1899, Louise died a young woman)


5.  Mary Eliza Miller (Anderson) (c 1903)   (Family Line Coming Soon)

      ~married January 4, 1920: James Benjamin "Money" Anderson, Sr. 9 [August 18, 1898 - June 15, 1980]


6.  Vernilla Miller (Robinson) (c 1905 - 1969/1970)  (Family Line Coming Soon)

      ~married c 1923: George W. Robinson. 


7.  Sam Henry Miller, Sr. (May 22, 1906 - May 2, 1986)

     ~married January ___: Sue Gray Taylor  


8.  Annie Jane Miller (Holcomb)(Gary)  (Family Line Coming Soon)


9.  Jordon G. Miller  (Family Line Coming Soon)


10. Frank Adolph Miller, Sr.  (Family Line Coming Soon)

James Marion Miller (c)  

~married October 28, 1897:  Minnie P. Miller (Johnson) (b 1870)



Children of James Marion and Minnie (Johnson) Miller


1.   Signora (Senora) Miller (c 1898) (Family Line Coming Soon)

       ~married Elvie Warren


2.   Lawrence Miller (c 1900) (Family Line Coming Soon)

       ~married Mary Miller (c 1906)


3.   Paulus Miller (Family Line Coming Soon)

       ~married Corrine


4.   James Beechum Miller (October 9, 1904 - October 31, 1983) (Family Line Coming Soon)

       ~married Allice Rose Miller (Bell) (1906 - 1987)


5.   Sernata Miller (Harris) (c 1909) (Family Line Coming Soon)

       ~married Collie Harris


6.   Mazie "Maggie" Miller (Harris) (c 1913) (Family Line Coming Soon)

       ~married Bernard Harris


7.   Nathan Miller Johnson (Family Line Coming Soon)

Anna Garrett (Mayo) (c 1876)

~married November 11, 1987 Albert Mayo (c 1872)

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1.   Gurney Manfiel Mayo (October 24, 1896 - November 1982)


2.   Susie "Sue" Eva Mayo (Burke) (c 1900)


3.   Alfred Mayo (April 30, 1904 - August 1978)

       ~married Eva Mayo (c 1907)


4.   Benjamin Mayo (c 1908)


5.   Arthur Mayo


6.   Annie Mayo



Minerva Flippen