Mayo Family History



     The Mayo family was not free until 1785, but per the family history; they had relations with several family who had been free since the colonial period.


     In his will, Joseph May (Henrico - Goochland County), left instructions for his executors to petition the Virginia General Assembly for leave to set free all his slaves.  However, if this was not possible, then he bequeathed his "mulattoe women called Maria and Suckey" and his "mulattoe waiting boy, Bob," to John Tabb.  The administrator procured an act of the Assembly for emancipation of the slaves which was carried out by the High Court of Chancery in November 1789.


     Affa (Effy), and others, were listed in 1786 as slaves ages 12 - 16 years as taxables in his Mecklenberg County estate.  Effy was the mother of Suckey (or "Sooky" short for Susanna) Mayo was the mother of George Mayo who later married Mary Ann Dungy (of Irish decent and described as a "white" mulattoe).  The 1910 census report states that Mary Ann had 12 children but only 6 were surviving at the time of the census:

Robert James (Dungy) Mayo - c 1854


George W. (Dungy) Mayo - c 1858


Jordan (Dungy) Mayo - c 1865

     ~believed to have fled Virginia due to "some circumstances."


John Thomas "Johnnie" Mayo - c 1872

     ~married Willie Sue (Harris) Mayo 

           *Otelia Mayo (children: Henry Mayo; Robert Lee Mayo; Ernest Mayo)

           *Blanche H. Mayo (November 1899)

           *Mary Lou Mayo (Brown) (grandchildren: Daryl, Gregory, and "Peety" Brown)

           *Pearl Mayo (c 1904)

           *George Mayo (c 1906/1907. Never left home and drove his sisters around.  His son, George Jr., was raised by his grandmother, Willie Sue, because his mother died when he was an infant around 9 months old).

Susan Ann Mayo (c 1909) Married someone from Powhatan and divorced.  No children

Bessie Mayo (c 1911)

Anna B. Mayo

Lillie Rose Mayo (Belt) (c 1916.  Leon Belt and Maynard Belt)

Zena K. Mayo (Belt) (May 6, 1917 - October 28, 2005)

Albert Mayo - c 1872

     ~married Ana (Garrett) Mayo (sister of John William Miller. See also, Miller Family History)

            *Gurney Mayo

            *Sue Eva


            *Benjamin ~married Sarah J. Mayo

            *Alfred Mayo (c 1905)

            *Frank Mayo (c 1913 - twins?)

            *Richard Mayo (c 1913 - twins?)

            *Annie Mayo (c 1917)

            *Louise Mayo (c 1918)

            *Albert Mayo (c 1920)

Susan Ann Mayo (Miller) - c 1873 - December 23, 1921

       ~married John William Miller (born c 1871) (See also, Miller Family History) 

               *William James Miller (c 1893 - May 31, 1970. Married Ametria "Metra" Harris, December 24, 1921)

               *Florence Miller (September 1895)

               *John Littleton Miller (October 10, 1898 - December 19, 1963. Married: Ellen Helen Annie Washington)

               *Louise Miller (c 1899)

               *Mary Eliza Miller (Anderson) (c 1903. Married: James Benjamin "Money" Anderson Sr., January 4, 1920)

               *Vernilla Miller (Robinson) (c 1905. Married: George W. Robinson, 1923)

               *Sam Henry Miller, Sr. (May 22, 1906 - May 2, 1984. Married: Susan "Sue" Gray Taylor)

               *Annie Jane Miller (Holcomb) (Gary) (December 7, 1908 - October 21, 1996) (Married: Robert Lee Holcomb, July 29, 1929 and Harold Gary, December 6, 1975) 

                *Jordan G. Miller (c 1911) (Married: Carmen Ercell Woodson)

                *Frank Adolph Miller, Sr. (July 24, 1914 - November 10, 1989) (Married: Missouria Virginia Walthall, July 23, 1939)


Warner Mayo - birth year unknown

   ~married Anna Woodson (Flippen) Mayo (died young)

             *James Mayo

             *Irene Mayo (Lewis) (passed in 1997. Married: John Lewis.  Children: Gladys Lee Lewis Urqhart [husband, Thomas Urqhart], Bertha Lewis Hill, Anthony Lewis [murdered in 1958, his daughter Sharon was adopted by grandparents], Anna Jane Lewis)

             *George F. Mayo

             *Warner Mayo Jr. (married: Mary Mayo. Children: Margaret Mayo Bowers [children: Sonia Bowers, Jerry Bowers, Roscoe Bowers Jr.], Russell Mayo (child: Roland Mayo) and Marie Mayo Matthews)

             *Robert Mayo

             *Eva Jane Mayo

             *Mitchell Mayo

             *Randolph Peyton Mayo (child: Ethel Booker)

Sam Henry Mayo - c 1876

      ~married Charlotte Mayo (born c 1880)

              *William Mayo (adopted c 1909)

              *George Mayo (adopted c 1912)


Eva Jane Mayo (Booker) - birth year unknown

     ~Andrew Booker

             *Viola Booker

             *Washington Booker

             *Hubert Booker

             *Christine Booker


Georgianna Mayo - birth year unknown (Moved to Lincoln, Nebraska for unknown reason. Telegram was sent to her that her sister, Susan Anne, had passed and she sent a message back that she was on her way.  She disappeared after that. It is believed that she may have taken a train because there was at least one train crash that fit the time and destination. However, the names of blacks were not listed as passengers on a manifest in those days).

             *Linwood (son)